Groom's Arrival | Mobile Baraat
Want more excitement and fun? The Baraat will follow our vehicle equipped with a generator providing power to our sound system. We will mix the best wedding related music and MC from inside our vehicle while the Baraat dances and follows our rhythm. We recommend you combine it with a seasoned Dhol Player to have a truly unique and breathtaking experience.
Wedding Ceremony
The most special day in your life requires experienced, talented, and detail oriented wedding professionals. Next Level Entertainment offers experience from hundreds of weddings, from traditional ceremonies to modern fusion weddings. With our experience and knowledge of different regional music we are able to coordinate music to different parts of the ceremony ( i.e. Gujarati - Lagna Geet, South Indian - Nadashawarm). We create the wedding ambiance by playing our melodic Shehnai, Tabla and Sitar music in the background. Music for your wedding ceremony is customized to reflect your style and traditions. Our standard wedding ceremony package includes DJ, MC, DHOL Player, premium sound system , hand held cordless microphone and one lapel(clip on mic for priest) microphone.
Wedding Reception
Next Level Entertainment can make your dream wedding reception a reality!! We offer a wide range of services listed below to customize and enhance your special event. Our wedding reception package includes an energetic team which comprises of a DJ and MC. The MC will host and coordinate your event starting from the grand introductions to the last dance. Our professional MC's can manage the energy level of your reception from a formal black tie affair to a high energy party. We pride ourselves of having the most talented DJ's in the wedding market; they will mix all your favorite hits with a customized play list made especially for your event! We provide high end audio, visual and lighting equipment for small venues to large banquet facilities and concert halls. Please visit our showroom and discover how we can transform your occasion into a stunning platinum event!
LED Lighting | Ambient Lighting
We have several high-tech lighting options that put us on the cutting edge of lighting. There are many intelligent lighting options that can enhance your event like no other. LED (light emitting diode) lighting is a popular choice and is the latest in lighting that is a must for any trendy or elegant location. Our LED lights consist of three different colored diodes, red, blue and green, packed into one fixture. Utilizing this technology, we have the ability to create unlimited color mixing and we are able to match your event colors / decor. We provide only best to our clients, we are proud to use LED lighting fixtures from Color Kinetics and Martin Lighting. We have used LED lighting to illuminate walls, ceilings, tables, bars, backdrops, and trusses wrapped in tension fabrics. With so many amazing color choices, the lighting possibilities are endless. We can slowly change the color of the lighting throughout an event to give the appeal of shifting moods and atmospheres. There is no better way to make your event memorable than by utilizing the high-tech lighting offered by Next Level Entertainment. The result is a breathtaking scene that is personally tailored to your specifications.
Custom Monogram's
A custom monogram is the perfect finishing touch to an elegant wedding. Next Level Entertainment can customize any logo or monogram to be projected on the dance floor, wall (interior / exterior), or above your sweet heart table! We can design custom monograms with your initials, names, images, and patterns to create a unique, elegant, and lasting impression. Imagine yourself dancing around your initials or a dance floor filled with a custom pattern!
Projection Screens
Projection Screens are recommended for all events from weddings to sweet sixteen’s. We have several different types of projection screens, which include rear projection screens, tripod screens and motorized screens, ranging from 6 feet to 15 feet diagonal. Our 5000 lumen projectors produces the best picture quality providing bright, crystal clear, high definition images for your presentation. Most of our clients use our projection screens for the services listed below.


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